At KRM our passion for detail shows in every aspect of our custom homes. We use superior products like quartz and natural stone that help our homes stand out in ways you can easily see. But when it comes to the construction elements you may not see, we have the same attention to detail. What’s behind your walls Is just as important as the finishes you can see.

On any custom build, our main goal is to help you create a home you’ll be comfortable in for years to come. We know there are lots of steps to the building process and give the same focus to every step along the way to ensure that your home is as comfortable on the inside as it looks on the outside.

One of the ways that KRM ensures your home will be comfortable and environmentally friendly for years to come is through blow-in blanket system insulation. We partner with Comfort Solutions whose team specializes in total home comfort and insulation to make sure that your home will stand the test of time and keep your family well protected from the elements. Continue reading to learn more about KRM’s insulation process and how it sets our custom-built homes apart.

Creating a Tight Seal

Our insulation process begins by caulking and adding foam insulation around the double studs, top and bottom plates, ­windows, and any areas with potential for air infiltration, including wire holes and other entry points. This creates a seal around the entire house to protect it from the elements.

Eliminating Air Voids

The next step in our process is to hang dense but breathable netting over the exposed studs to close off each stud cavity. From there, we’ll blow the insulation into the cavity made by the netting. This provides a complete fill that will get behind all electrical boxes, plumbing, and wiring that may be in the wall.

Maximizing Your Comfort

Next, all the home’s truss heals, rim joists, and box sills are covered in spray foam insulation to create a tight air seal that will keep out cold and moisture. This not only helps maintains attic ventilation, but it also prevents frost lines in the winter.

Regulating Temperature

Finally, we create an energy complete gasket using a sealant on top of all interior and exterior wall plates. This creates a tight seal between drywall and framing and helps regulate the temperature inside your home.

Fully Insulating Garages

Our attention to detail sets KRM apart. All our homes have fully insulated garages to make your day-to-day life even more comfortable. The walls of every garage are lined with fiberglass insulation and we also blow foam insulation in the attic space above the garage to help keep the area extra warm during the colder months.

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