Overview of the Warranty Process

Once your new home is complete, our journey together is not over.  You will be able to notify us about any issues you experience with your new home and we’ll resolve any outstanding issues.  Typically, this process will happen at both 30 days and 1 year from the date that you take possession, but in emergency situations, please contact us immediately.

Warranty Book

During your final walkthrough of your new home with your superintendent, you will receive a Warranty Book.  The superintendent will highlight various sections of the warranty book.  This book contains several items such as:

  • Product Warranty Information
  • Contractor/Vendor Contact Information
  • Seasonal Tips, Tricks, and Information
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • Instructions for using BuilderTrend to report requests

Please reference this information as questions come up. 

BuilderTrend System

We’ll leverage our BuilderTrend system to facilitate warranty requests.  As mentioned above, instructions on how to log requests are included in your Warranty Book.  By logging your request into the BuilderTrend system, our team will be able to research and determine the best appropriate action and resources that are needed to resolve your request in a timely manner.

Our Goal

Our goal is to take care of you, our customer.  Although, we have policies around a 30-day and 1-year warranty review, please call and ask if you have questions that come up, especially urgent situations.  Our relationship as Builder/Customer does not have a termination date and we are here as a reference and guide to resolve any situations encountered.