When you choose KRM Developments as your Des Moines custom home builder, you gain a whole team of industry experts to assist you with the building process. From managing project timelines to offering guidance and support, we’re here to help. Our highly-trained specialists are the best of the best, and each team member has their area of expertise. More importantly, each team member is passionate about bringing your dreams to life!

This month, we’re providing an inside look at our staff’s daily lives. Keep reading to discover a few of the roles within KRM Custom Homes and how each department works together to deliver exceptional finished products.


Our custom home superintendents oversee day-to-day operations. They check in at every build to ensure projects progress according to plan. Their involvement at each site is crucial because they catch potential issues early on, making potential delays easier to address and prevent. They finish each day verifying project progress and helping prioritize each home’s next steps.

Additionally, they ensure the custom home build adheres to its project plans. Our busy schedule means we constantly have new projects starting, but our superintendents make sure everything runs smoothly. They’re here to ensure every custom home meets and exceeds homeowners’ expectations. Ultimately, our superintendents are responsible for recognizing and delivering your vision.

Our superintendents are also a crucial point of contact for various stakeholders. They coordinate with project managers, subcontractors, and homeowners. Their dutiful communication keeps everyone on the same page.

Internal Project Managers:

Internal project managers orchestrate the custom home-building process from conception to completion. Their multifaceted role involves strategic planning and decision-making.

Our internal project managers are helpful advisers. They’re a reliable guide through the decision-making process and help assess the details of your custom home. You can count on them to help pick anything from paint colors to cabinet types. Our project managers are also adept problem solvers. They identify potential issues and propose solutions to maintain project momentum during the planning stages. By overseeing these aspects, project managers ensure your custom home meets your expectations and adheres to quality standards.


Our custom home building estimators are responsible for assessing construction costs. They fully understand the costs associated with custom home building, and their responsibilities include cost estimation, resource quantification, bid preparation, and budget support.

When you begin the custom home building process, our estimators approximate the cost of your home. They source this number by analyzing costs from previous projects and provide a more precise estimate as you make selections for your home. We’re always transparent with these numbers to ensure there are no financial surprises for you.

At KRM Development, our estimators consider costs at every project phase. Their insights guide decisions made by superintendents, internal project managers, and other team members. We understand the financial toll custom home building can take. Our estimators help you understand costs and respect your budget.

We all have different roles and work together to achieve a common goal. The number one job of each KRM team member is to make your dreams a reality. We’re passionate about customer service and quality builds. You can count on us to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today and speak with a friendly expert to start the journey towards your dream home.