At KRM Developments, we have the honor of bringing dreams to life. Building your dream home is an exciting adventure, and we strive to make your journey seamless. Our home building process helps us make it happen. Each step of our plan demonstrates our commitment to craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction.

Step 1: Initial Homeowner Meeting 

We kickstart the process with an in-depth consultation. During this meeting, we discuss your vision and budget. This meeting helps our team understand your project requirements, such as your desired floor plan and build site. We take time to understand your lifestyle, preferences, and specified design elements. Additionally, we will touch on financing, our preferred lender, and deposit requirements.

Step 2: Pricing Meeting

There are a variety of factors that determine home pricing. We build individualized pricing sheets to help clients understand the cost of their build. If your building plans include extensive customizations, we create detailed proposals that outline costs. These outlines help clients fully understand the financing of their home.

Step 3: Follow-up Meeting

We’ll walk through the pricing sheet or proposal with you, and discuss any adjustments you’d like made. Our goal is to provide a home that meets your every expectation. We’re happy to accommodate any changes you deem necessary.

KRM Developments takes care of permits and approvals to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations. We handle the paperwork to save you time, and make the process as stress-free as possible.

In this meeting, we’ll go over where your home will be built. Some clients choose to build their home on one of our available lots. Others wish to build on land they already own, or land they’d like to buy. Our meeting irons out complexities within land acquisition, and sets the building process up for success.

Our team conducts a thorough evaluation of the building site. We consider building factors like land topography and local regulations. These factors help us create a preliminary design aligning with your vision, while complementing the site’s characteristics.

Beautiful home with a pool and slide.

Step 4: Purchase Agreement

Once you feel confident in your building plan, both parties sign a purchase agreement. This agreement outlines all purchasing terms and conditions. It includes your custom home’s specifications, design, and construction details.

Step 5: Plans and Specs Meeting

During this meeting, your home starts to take shape. You’ll get in touch with our internal project management team, who will walk you through our showroom. You’ll pick all the exciting elements of your future home, including paint colors, fixtures, hardware, and more! Our experts guide you through the selection process, and offer advice on quality and functionality.

Step 6: Pre-dig Checklist

Before breaking ground, we arrange a pre-construction meeting where we review plans, timelines, and project logistics. This ensures your comprehensive understanding of the building process and sets clear expectations for the involved parties.

Step 7: Building Journey Begins

With all necessary approvals in place, we begin the construction phase. Our team excavates the site, prepares the foundation, and lays the groundwork of your custom home. Rest assured knowing we employ skilled professionals and use high-quality materials. Our team follows industry best practices and pays meticulous attention to detail. In this phase, we’ll have a couple site visits with you to verify everything is running smoothly.

Step 8: On-site Electrical Walks

We integrate plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems into your home during different stages of the building process. Our certified technicians and tradespeople meticulously install these components, ensuring optimal functionality. We work tirelessly to ensure your home is move-in ready as soon as possible.

KRM's custom build back patio with a fire pit

Step 9: Final Quality Walk

To ensure the highest quality standards, our team conducts regular inspections at various stages of construction. We address potential issues promptly so your home meets and exceeds building codes and quality benchmarks. This comprehensive final walkthrough is an opportunity to review all aspects of your new home, address any questions or concerns, and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final result.

Step 10: Homeowner Orientation

During orientation, we’ll talk you through the mechanisms of your home. We’ll teach you how to use and maintain its unique features to make your transition as easy as possible. Our team is happy to address any questions you have.

Step 11: Close Date

Congratulations! On this date, you officially take possession of your new home. We’ll hand you your new keys, and be on our way.

Step 12: Warranty

Once your new home is complete, our journey together doesn’t end. We use an online system that allows homeowners to notify us if problems arise. Our team addresses issues within 48 hours.

Uncompromising Quality as a Des Moines Home Builder

When it comes to creating your dream home, it’s imperative to choose the right builder. Working with a clearly custom home builder ensures you’re working with the best in the industry. We guarantee transparency throughout the entire process, and ensure a finished product that will fill you with pride for years to come.

Open Communication for Trust and Understanding

In any business relationship, open communication is key. As clearly custom home builders, we prioritize honest and transparent communication. From the moment we start digging the basement, we will provide you with a closing or move-in date, and we will stick to it. We believe that open communication establishes mutual understanding, builds trust, and fosters a positive working environment.

Transparency through Open Documentation

To eliminate misunderstandings and promote transparency, we provide open documentation to everyone involved in the custom home building process. This means that construction documents are accessible to all parties, allowing for greater flexibility and collaboration. Each member can review, approve, and reassess proposed changes efficiently. By holding everyone accountable for their contributions, we can swiftly identify and resolve any potential issues that may arise.

Empowering You with Open Pricing

Our commitment to transparency extends to our pricing model. Instead of providing a single lump sum for the finished result, we believe in informing our clients about individual costs for each aspect of the project. This level of transparency builds trust and empowers you to decide where you want your money spent. Furthermore, it allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the custom home-building process, as we educate you about our passion and provide insights into the creation of your home.

Ready to work with a clearly custom home builder in Des Moines? Contact us today to get started.