Can I afford to build my dream home? What should I look for when touring lots? How long does it take to build my home? These are just a few common questions that custom home buyers have. The home building/buying process is different for everyone, so it’s natural to feel intimidated initially.

Your building journey begins long before the first bit of concrete is poured, you pick out that custom countertop or your keys get dropped into your hand. It begins with a dream, a vision of your perfect property, and a path ahead to the first family meal in your new home. As you walk through this journey, the KRM team seeks to make the path as smooth and straight as possible.

white custom home from KRM Custom Homes

Initial Homeowner Meeting

  • Discuss goals & dreams for your new home.
  • Find a plan that best fits your needs.
  • Modify the plan according to what you want in your home.
  • Create a wish list of additional options that you’d want in your home.

Living room from KRM Custom Homes



Now is a good time to start learning about your financing options. Most homeowners choose to finance through a local or national bank, although some can self-fund the project. You may have other options available to you as well.

Whichever funding method you use, be sure to research your options thoroughly. Document your primary and backup funding options as you learn about your options.

We are here to help you every step and pride ourselves on building homes and great relationships with our community of financing establishments.

white kitchen from KRM Custom Homes


  • The plan will be sent to the vendor for a hard bid.
  • Your plan, plan modifications, and home features will be combined into a full proposal detailing the scope of work, allowance for different items, and the total investment for your home.

Upfront Price

We pride ourselves on giving you the most accurate estimate in the home building industry. Our skilled estimators and project staff work with you to develop an estimate that includes the custom options you want and need. We then provide you with upfront pricing before you are asked to sign a contract. Once the foundation is poured, the price for your custom home is locked in and won’t change mid-build unless you add additional upgrades.

bright white living room with stone fireplace from KRM custom homes

Follow-Up Homeowner Meetings

  • Follow-up meetings to review – Proposal, Plan, and Features of your home.
  • Often multiple follow-up meetings to perfect the plan and finishes in the home.

Pick Your Home’s Lot

Finding the right piece of land to call home is one of the most exciting aspects of the building process. Although making this decision isn’t always easy, the rewards, in the end, are well worth the effort. The KRM team will help you understand the building requirements in your area and walk you through this process. We have beautiful pre-purchased plots of land ready to build on immediately. We also offer turnkey options if you are ready to move in today. Find your home’s lot here.

country style white house from KRM custom homes Des Moines

Sign Purchase Agreement

  • Sign a Purchase Agreement based on the proposal.
  • PA is subject to the following step, plans, and specs.

bright living room design by KRM custom homes

Plans and Specs

  • Personalize your home for YOU.
  • Finalize and sign off on floor plan.
  • Make interior and exterior selections.
  • Approve final selections in the BuilderTrend app.

Pick Your Floor Plan

It’s time to choose the floor plan that best suits your lifestyle. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a growing family, or building your forever home, the KRM Experience means a home for every budget with a floor plan tailored to your unique style. Choosing a stylish, established KRM design allows for the quickest return on engineered blueprints, ready for permitting.

Customizing Your Plan

We can make customizing your floor plan easy. Depending on the level of modification, you’ll work with one of our design consultants or an architect to tailor your home to meet your needs. Depending on the modification and engineering required, there may be a moderate fee for plan redesign.

Personalize Your Home

At this point, you will visit our design studio and work with one of our internal project managers. From countertops and colors to carpets and cabinets—this is where you will be able to give your home a personal touch.

Complete Pre-Dig Checklist

  • Permitting Complete
  • Selection Complete
  • Site Plan Complete
  • Builder Deposite
  • Dig Date Establish
  • Proposal Signed
  • Builder Forms Signed

second kitchen area in a KRM custom home

Building Journey Begins

  • Excavation
  • Pour Foundation
  • Framing
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Siding
  • Roofing
  • Electrical
  • Drywall
  • Trim
  • Paint
  • Flooring
  • Exterior Paint
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Sod/Landscape


With a plan in place and permits in hand, it’s time to watch your home take shape. While some stretches of the construction process may feel slow, others seem to happen in the blink of an eye. This is a normal part of the build process and is woven into the overall schedule. We will sign a six-month contract for most homes that are three thousand square feet or less.

While your home is being built, your KRM Project Manager will help you understand the construction phases.

modern bathroom with black cabinets and white granite counter

Electrical Walk (If Applicable)

  • Walk the framed house to verify the site’s light switches, outlets, and lighting locations.

Living room with black stone fireplace by KRM custom homes

Trim Walk (If Applicable)

  • Verify trim detail and design with a trim carpenter on site.

white ranch style kitchen from KRM custom homes

Final Quality Check Performed by KRM

Homeowner Orientation

  • Walk home with the superintendent and Warranty Manager.
  • Learn about the features of your new home.

White ranch style custom home from KRM

Close Date

  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Complete Closing Process
  • Keys to your new home!
  • Congratulations!

Now Sit Back and Relax!

You are the proud owner of a KRM Custom Home. You made the right decision by choosing us as your builder. You can look forward to a lifetime of quality as you add the personal touches that make this home your own.

Our 365 Warranty

Once your new home is complete, our journey together is not over. You’ll be able to notify us about any issues with your new home, knowing they’ll be resolved quickly and seamlessly. Learn more about our 365 Warranty.

dark modern home exterior light stone


  • Submit warranty claims through BuilderTrend
  • One year warranty

365 Warranty Benefits

During the final walkthrough of your new home, you’ll receive a Warranty Book from your superintendent. The superintendent will highlight various sections of the warranty book with you, which you can always reference as questions arise.

The Warranty Book contains several items such as:

  • Product Warranty Information
  • Contractor/Vendor Contact Information
  • Seasonal Tips, Tricks, and Information
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • Instructions for using BuilderTrend to report requests

BuilderTrend System

We leverage the BuilderTrend system to facilitate your warranty requests. Instructions on how to log requests are included in your Warranty Book.

By logging your request into the BuilderTrend system, our team will begin to research and determine the best appropriate action and resources required to resolve your request promptly.

Our Goal

Our goal is to take care of yourself and your family. Although we have a 1-year builder warranty, please feel free to call and ask if you have any questions, especially in urgent situations.

Our relationship does not have a termination date, and we are here as a guide and resource to resolve any situation.

KRM Custom Homes creates inspired designs and environments, built with excellent craftsmanship and delivered with integrity and empathy to delight our customers and our Central Iowa communities. We form partnerships with homeowners through every step of the design and build journey, prioritizing our clients’ experiences and concerns above our own. Let’s talk if this sounds like the home-build company that fits your builder profile. We’d love to help you to bring your dreams to life.