With each new year comes new and exciting opportunities! In 2024, KRM Custom Homes invites you to celebrate the new year by embarking on your custom home journey. This year promises to be the ultimate opportunity for custom home building. We’re jumping into a brand new era of innovation and personalized design. With advancements in construction technology and an expanding array of exquisite materials, 2024 promises to bring your vision to life in modern ways.

At KRM Custom Homes, we’re always striving to bring the best experience possible. The construction industry is always evolving, and we’re ahead of the curve. By harnessing the latest advancements in technology and design, we provide clients with a seamless and innovative home-building experience.

Embrace Innovation in 2024: KRM Custom Homes Leads with Cutting-Edge Construction Technology

We’re introducing Bluebeam as our latest building tool. We’re so excited to introduce this program that transforms your vision into reality. This software is specifically designed for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC). It’s a robust program that streamlines tasks for a quicker and easier build. This technology facilitates effective communication and provides an interactive experience like never before. We’re so excited to introduce this tool that transforms your vision into reality.

Bluebeam is not a generic software solution; it’s purposefully designed to meet the intricate needs of the AEC industry. This means Bluebeam integrates effortlessly into industry-specific workflows and processes and offers a range of functionalities catering specifically to home construction. Home builders can streamline various tasks and processes, reducing the overall building time. This streamlined approach promotes a more efficient build.

The program creates incredibly precise measurements and building plans. Thanks to Bluebeam’s meticulous calculations, the risk of building errors is greatly reduced. Its accuracy and efficiency help save costs throughout the custom home-building process. Reducing potential errors helps you stay within budget and avoid unexpected expenses.

Bluebeam’s interactive features offer an engaging experience for both builders and owners. You’ll stay connected and involved throughout your entire custom home journey. Its collaborative capabilities allow us to sit down together and modify your building plan in real-time.

Bluebeam allows you to watch your dream home come to life with the speed of your imagination. As you witness the building process firsthand, you’re able to adjust the build to your specifications. This technique ensures your plan is perfect when it’s sent to the architect and shortens the overall building window. Bluebeam allows you to move into your dream home sooner than ever before and make more informed decisions every step of the way.

The program also provides reliable documentation containing detailed records of the building process. Bluebeam keeps all your construction documents digitized and centralized, making them easily accessible to you and every team member. 

Blue Beam Software blog image from KRM custom homes.
Blue Beam Software blog image from KRM custom homes.

Documentation is incredibly valuable for future maintenance and is an excellent resource for homeowners wanting a comprehensive record of their property. Homeowners can refer back to Bluebeam’s documentation in case of future renovations. It ensures any future changes align with the initial construction plans. Bluebeam’s documentation also allows homeowners a full understanding of their home’s layout and structure, which is beneficial when attending to routine maintenance tasks.

Additionally, in the unfortunate event of natural disasters or accidents, having comprehensive documentation is essential for insurance claims. Accurate records facilitate smoother and faster claim processing, so homeowners receive support and compensation when needed.

In recent years, energy efficiency and sustainability have been at the forefront of home construction. Builders are incorporating more eco-friendly materials such as recycled steel, engineered wood products, and reclaimed resources to construct more environmentally conscious homes. At KRM Custom Homes, we’ve proudly implemented more sustainable and durable materials into our building processes. We’ll continue this trend into the new year—check back soon to learn more about our materials!

KRM Developments is the custom home expert of the Des Moines metro. We’re always implementing new, modern technology and the latest materials into our building processes. Contact us today for more information on custom home building in 2024.