KRM Development takes pride on keeping up on todays top designs and trends! Looking back at 2016 here is some of the top trends of the year!

1. Contrasting Kitchen Islands

This year light, simple and clean cabinetry have been at the top of the list. By simply adding a contrasting island with various wood tones or deeper colors it allows you to play with the space making it feel warmer or adding a little extra appeal to the space!

2. White Kitchens with a Twist. White cabinets and countertops are a popular way to finish your kitchen leaving it bright and airy. To avoid your white kitchen from looking to sterile try spicing it up with colorful and unique backsplash or add raw materials into the space!

 3. Statement mirrors in bathrooms.  Statement mirrors add just the extra boost of

style in a bathroom.

4. Shiplap. Shiplap adds texture to any space or make fore a great accent wall. 

5.  Neutral Color Cabinets. Neutral colored cabinets compliment a variety of design elements! These colors allow not only warmth to be brought into the space but the option to design with bold colors elsewhere throughout the home.

Every year designs change and evolve. Here at KRM we are determined to make each of our custom homes truly distinguishable and can’t wait to see what kind of creativity 2017 will bring!