At KRM Custom Homes, we understand living in a home that caters to your needs and lifestyle is essential. As we age, these needs and lifestyles change. Simple activities of daily living can become difficult, and we may require extra assistance completing everyday tasks. For some, aging causes us to become more sedentary or homebodied.

As this happens, assisted living becomes increasingly necessary. While there is nothing wrong with assisted lifestyles, many people hope to prolong their independence. That’s where the concept of aging in place comes in!

Aging in place is a home-building approach prioritizing lifelong independence, comfort, and safety. Age-friendly homes utilize universal and accessible home designs, allowing inhabitants to live their lives with minimal intervention. At KRM Custom Homes, we build homes suitable for all walks of life.

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Features of an Age-Friendly Home:

Age-friendly design is all about accessibility. These homes are just like traditional homes but built with independence in mind. Homeowners can enjoy freedom in a home that is still stylish, beautiful, and custom-made.

Wide Doorways and Hallways: In traditional homes, individuals using wheelchairs and walkers may find doorways and hallways difficult to navigate. Many doorways use stepped entrances without ramp access, and hallways are often too narrow.

Age-friendly homes are designed thoughtfully with wider doorways and hallways. Increasing the size of these features allows ease of entrance and access. 

Single-Level Designs: As we age, stairs become difficult and dangerous to navigate alone. They restrict access from large parts of the home and create risky situations for occupants.

Single-level floor plans allow residents to live comfortably and safely as they age. They ensure the home remains entirely accessible. When building your custom age-friendly home, choose a floor plan tailored to your needs. Our ranch-style homes offer the perfect solution.

Non-Slip Flooring and Grab Bars: Fall risk is a concern in traditional homes. Home hazards can lead to serious, and even fatal, falls.

There’s no need to live in fear! Slip-resistant flooring and strategically placed grab bars offer a sturdy protective measure whenever needed. Such features allow residents to navigate their homes with confidence.

Adjustable Countertops and Storage: High shelving and low cabinetry become cumbersome as we age. Mobility challenges make these features frustrating.

Many of us take pride in our kitchens. As the heart of the home, the kitchen provides joy and nourishment. Your kitchen should adapt to your evolving needs. Adjustable countertops and well-placed storage eliminate the struggles of constant reaching and bending. Pull-out and pull-down storage options are other accessible options.

Single level KRM custom home

Benefits of an Age-Friendly Home: 

An age-friendly and accessible home poses many benefits. They’re a sound investment in your future and could save money in the long run. Additionally, they allow people to enjoy independence, even in old age.

Long-Term Cost Savings: Age-friendly design considers accessibility, safety, and ease of use.

Investing in your future with age-friendly design eliminates burdens later on. You won’t have to move to a more accessible location or spend money on extensive modifications.

Increased Home Value: An age-friendly home is an investment in your well-being and the value of your property. As larger groups of the population age, the demand for homes catering to older adults will continue to increase. A home designed with age-friendly features attracts a broader range of potential buyers. 

Enhanced Comfort and Independence: Age-friendly design promotes freedom and independence. Elder-friendly design eliminates physical barriers and creates easy-to-navigate spaces. These thoughtfully designed homes allow people to maintain independent lifestyles regardless of age or physical ability.

At KRM Custom Homes, we take pride in creating spaces that embrace life’s many chapters. If you’re looking to design an accessible and age-friendly home, contact us today. We’re happy to help you start your journey towards a comfortable, accessible, and beautiful home.