What do you want to see outside your window? Whether you dream of watching your children in the backyard or enjoying the sunset from your dining room, you would probably rather keep an eye on what’s outside the window than consider the window itself.

That’s where we come in. At KRM Custom Homes, we always strive for the best installation practices and use superior quality materials. As a result, KRM homeowners can be assured that our professionals are invested in the specifics of your home so you can focus on enjoying the view.

Superior Installation Equals Savings

We install Windsor Windows in all KRM custom homes. These ENERGY STAR® rated windows dramatically improve energy efficiency. A recent U.S. Department of Energy report shares that energy-efficient windows can help homeowners save 25-30% on residential heating and cooling costs.

Even the best window, however, is only as good as its installation.

During install, we take the following steps to prevent air and water infiltration:

  1. Using advanced acrylic-based flashing tape lines to avoid water and air leaks and keep your windows air-tight for the life of the home.
  2. Applying foam insulation around the perimeter of windows.
  3. Installation is always plumb, level, and square to preserve the integrity of the seal.

Window Customization and Special Features

Windsor Windows are built to be durable, strong, and energy-efficient but are also designed to stand out. Choose from a variety of materials and metal finishes as well as expanded sizes and decorative accessories, such as casements and awnings. Whether your home is modern and clean or a more classic, traditional style, there is a customization specifically designed to complement the look and feel of your home. KRM custom homes are designed to meet the client’s specific needs and consider the architectural and regional style as well as function. This includes windows that add value and provide exceptional performance no matter what style you select.

We can’t wait for you to enjoy evenings by the fire watching the snow fall or listening to the summer rain tap on your windows while you are cozy inside. Let us handle the details; your job is to enjoy your new home.

Experience the KRM Difference