8 Benefits of Building a Custom Home

Change is a natural and necessary part of life; it keeps life exciting and helps us learn and grow. However, sometimes we need the comfort and safety of permanence. Whether you’re newly married and looking for the perfect spot to start a family or nearing retirement and looking forward to some relaxation, living in a… Read more »

Why Should You Buy From KRM Custom Homes?

Choosing to buy a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Building a custom home, however, is an even bigger commitment. While it is possible to find your dream home by shopping around with a realtor, chances are that no home will check all the boxes that you prioritize. KRM makes… Read more »

The Complete Custom Home Building Road Map (Des Moines)

Can I afford to build my dream home? What should I look for when touring lots? How long does it take to build my home? These are just a few common questions that custom home buyers have. The home building/buying process is different for everyone, so it’s natural to feel intimidated initially. Your building journey… Read more »

Get the Details on the Final Walk-Through

Building a house is a busy, exciting process, but no day is more exciting for homebuyers (or for builders!) than the final walk-through. Once a home is complete, KRM will do a preliminary walk-through to check for paint issues, make cabinet adjustments, and ensure everything is complete and ready for the customer. Once we’ve done… Read more »

The Time Is Now – To Build A Custom Home

Did you know that in 2021, more homes were sold in Iowa, than any other year? Last year’s housing market set records not only in Iowa but across the United States. Homes were in high demand but low supply and 2022 shows no slowing down. Generally, the homebuyers are joined by the superintendent of the… Read more »

Scenic View: Selecting the Right Windows

What do you want to see outside your window? Whether you dream of watching your children in the backyard or enjoying the sunset from your dining room, you would probably rather keep an eye on what’s outside the window than consider the window itself. That’s where we come in. At KRM Custom Homes, we always… Read more »

Foundation Waterproofing

Welcome to the second installment of our video series to teach you what products and process we use to build our quality homes. We want you to know what you can expect in your KRM Development home. Watch as KRM’s superintendent Brandon Reed reviews the foundation waterproofing system used on all of our homes.


Welcome to the first installment of a video series to teach you what products and process we use to build our quality custom homes.

Why Work with a Custom Builder

When you’re ready to settle down and own a home that is perfect for your needs, you can benefit from building your own house. When you’re ready to break ground, there are a few reasons you should work with a custom home builder. Made for you.  There is no substitute for being able to admire… Read more »