If you have young children at home, a bathtub is a must-have. From birth through elementary school, kids spend hours in the warm, bubbly water and emerge freshly washed, smiling and smelling like their beloved baby shampoo. But very few adults enjoy those same warm, bubbly waters. Showers are quicker and it seems like there’s just never enough time to really slow down and enjoy a bath.

But this mindset seems to be shifting, as we’re seeing a flood of new interest in soaker tubs. Gone are the tub/shower combos that are too small to really relax. Today’s soaker tubs are pure luxury. Sleek, modern designs and high-end features make these tubs a popular feature of our custom home builds. Soaker tubs are way beyond your basic bathtub, mostly because of size. Most soaker tubs are much taller than regular bathtubs, allowing you to really sink in and relax.

If you’re considering incorporating a soaker tub into your custom home, here are two fun ways to enhance the environment around the tub, making it a true shining star in your bathroom.

Pick a Sunny Spot

When it comes to finding a home for your soaker tub, placement is everything. If you have an open-concept bathroom, place your tub near a large window for a peaceful, spa-like experience. If you don’t have a large window, placement in front of an accent wall can be a fun way to really highlight this practical and enjoyable addition to your bathroom. Keep in mind that soaker tubs tend to be much larger than regular bathtubs, so they will need a bigger area in your floor plan.  

Add Tile Touches

Speaking of accent walls, they are popping up everywhere these days! Tile isn’t just for floors anymore—it’s popping up all over the house, from showers and kitchen backsplashes to fireplaces and accent walls. The sky is the limit for this practical, easy-to-install option. Tile comes in all shapes and sizes, so spend a bit of time thinking about what will work best for your bathroom space. If you’re planning to use patterned towels and bold colors in your bathroom décor, consider a more neutral tile that will balance the bold colors. If you’re leaning more toward spa-like whites and creams, consider choosing a bolder patterned tile for a punch of visual interest. Don’t be afraid to choose something unique to create a beautiful backdrop for your simple, sleek soaker tub.

Make it Yours

Soaker tubs are an investment that pays off immediately—after a stressful week, a warm bath can cure just about anything that ails you. But what makes the perfect bath is really up to you. Do you like bath salts or bubble bath? Music or quiet? Candles or darkness? Everyone has their own idea about what combination of colors, smells, sights, and sounds make a bath ultra-restorative. Find ways to add touches to make your bathroom uniquely yours—from adding soothing watercolor art to choosing paint colors that feel calming, the options are endless but worth exploring.

At KRM Custom Homes, we work with you every step of the way to make sure each space in your home is just right for you. If a soaker tub is high on your wish list, we can design the entire bathroom around this key feature, making sure you have the space to enjoy it for years to come.

Contact us today to help make your soaker tub dreams a reality!