Custom homes are complex projects that are successful through proper planning before the first shovel hits the dirt. If the number of design choices is overwhelming you – don’t worry. That’s where a really great Internal Project Manager comes to the rescue. Your KRM Custom Homes Internal Project Manager will help break down the decision-making process into manageable steps. During these four meetings, you’ll work with your Internal Project Manager to create the home you love while we make your building process fun and easy!. 

Design decisions you’ll make range from desired floor plans, absolute must-haves, and a range of finishing selections such as tile, paint, flooring, and more. Your decisions will bring the vision you have for your custom home to life, including considerations to the stylistic elements that will fit into your new neighborhood. These decisions will be made with your Internal Project Manager at KRM Custom Homes through four scheduled meetings. Here is what you can expect from your Plans and Specs  meetings: 

Meeting One

During the first meeting, you’ll meet your Internal Project Manager or Team Member, who will be with you every step of the way from sign-on to excavation. After reviewing a detailed proposal of what all is included in your purchase price, you will review any plans to add square footage, desired custom features, and personal touches that will make your home truly your custom dream home. As you begin this phase, you’ll want to note your must-haves as well as your wish-list items. If you found anything you loved in design journals/magazines/websites or a KRM model home that you simply must-have in your new home, now is the time to make it so. Locking down the must-haves during this meeting gives you the best chance of achieving your dream home with your Internal Project Manager. Together, we will bring your vision to life.

Following any revisions, you’ll end the first meeting with your Internal Project Manager by making your exterior selections. This includes your stone, siding, roofing, exterior lighting, garage door style, and deck materials. You may even make less obvious decisions such as gutter selection and soffit paint colors. Exterior selections are important for your overall aesthetic and curb apparel of your home, as well as selecting products that will potentially boost your home’s efficiency. Your Internal Project Manager will guide you each step of the way.

Meeting Two

In the second meeting,  you will have an all-inclusive cabinet consultation with Cabinet Boutique. You’ll move into your cabinet selections with your Internal Project Manager and selected cabinetry boutique for the second, exclusive consultation meeting. Working directly with a cabinet professional, together you will create your cabinet layout and design a 2D and 3D layout of your kitchen, bathrooms, bar, and any other area you choose to include cabinets like your laundry room and mudroom. Cabinetry layouts will be created, maximizing the efficiency of your home to meet your family’s needs. Layouts for your kitchen, bathrooms, and even a custom home bar are designed in tandem with the cabinet professionals. You’ll also start to get into the style and design of your custom home by choosing your cabinet styles, textures, and colors. An essential design element, cabinets are always the first thing to draw the eye in whichever room they are used. We want your cabinets to fit your lifestyle perfectly.

Meeting Three

Time to break out your inspiration photos or Pinterest boards! For most custom home-buyers, this meeting is the most creatively fulfilling and exciting. There are many interior detail selections to make, but your Internal Project Manager will help you narrow down your selections to choose from while keeping your home’s budget and desired style in mind. The process will be organized and smooth, with a clear path to helping you achieve your desired design wishes with each selection you make. Interior selections that you’ll be making during your third meeting will include countertops, tile, flooring, paint colors, and hardware such as cabinet pulls and faucets. 

Meeting Four

Your dream home is in sight with every detail coming together during the fourth meeting with your Internal Project Manager. The goal of this meeting is to approve all your selections and see all the finishes of your home at one time. Interior and exterior samples will be laid out to show you exactly how your colors and finishes will look in your new custom home. We want to make the design and selection process fun and easy, and this final meeting allows you to finally see the custom home you envisioned come together. After your selections are approved, we are ready to schedule the next step in your building journey… YOUR DIG DATE!!