Choosing to buy a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Building a custom home, however, is an even bigger commitment. While it is possible to find your dream home by shopping around with a realtor, chances are that no home will check all the boxes that you prioritize.

KRM makes building and buying a custom home in Iowa easier than ever because we implement practices that showcase our commitment to quality and buyer satisfaction. Down to the smallest details, KRM is the premier custom home builder in the Des Moines area, and we want you to enjoy every step of the process just as much as we do.

Why Buy From KRM?

We’ve got the best process in the market. The building experience is smooth for our customers because we handle every aspect of the project. Our team runs on passion, and we enjoy working together towards the same goal. This shared passion is built on trust and respect; our team’s knowledge is based on many years of experience in this industry, and we don’t risk the integrity of the build by hiring subcontractors we haven’t worked with before. Everything runs smoothly with our team because we’re friendly to our customers and each other.

We use the best quality everything. We believe the quality of our homes is the result of our insistence on using the best building materials we can find. That means no cutting corners, no off-brand substitutions, and no products that we wouldn’t use in our own homes. While aesthetics are important, and we do put a lot of consideration into them, we also want your home to last. That means that the products we use are both beautiful and durable.

Speaking of aesthetics, the fun part of buying a custom home is picking out all the bells and whistles. We constantly receive praise from our customers who love our vast showroom of available elements to add to their homes. You can see and touch each piece before making your decisions. These personal touches are exactly what make KRM homes stand out from the rest on the block.

Our dedicated team takes care of our customers from start to finish, and beyond. We communicate timelines clearly and accurately, taking all the guesswork out of customer expectations. Our customers don’t ever have to postpone their closing dates, because we work directly with realtors and agents so that everyone involved is on the same page and has access to the same information. That being said, flexibility is also our strong suit because we know that life happens. We always do everything we can to accommodate the shifting schedules of our customers.

We continue to be there for our customers long after the closing. Our commitment to continuous improvement means that we’ll follow up with you to ensure you’re busy living your best life in your new house—instead of busy finding things that were missed.